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Introducing the latest technology in laser hair removal at Hemaxi Beauty, offering our clients pain free hair removal, great results within six treatments and treatments that start from just £19 per area per session.
Our Birmingham Laser Hair Removal Clinic values itself on the quality of services through its qualified and knowledgeable therapists with the use of industry leading technology to bring great results and comfort during the treatment.
All of our clients will have a pre-treatment consultation with a test treatments to ensure you receive the best experience possible.
You can register online at and one of our therapists will call you back to arrange a suitable consultation appointment. removal/

802 Stratford Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham B11 4BS

I couldn’t believe my hair no more treatment, it was so easy, comfortable, completely pain free and really fast, taking less than 10 minutes!

Amy Childs Owner Amy Childs Aesthetics & Beauty Salon