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Summer and hair removal – Hair No More, May blog

It looks as if the weather has finally taken a turn for the better! And with the sunshine comes the desire to bare more flesh and wear less! For some of us, this may fill us with dread, as the thought of revealing excess or unwanted hair comes to mind. Fortunately nowadays, there are some highly effective solutions for permanently reducing unwanted, excess fuzz on the face and the body and they can work well for both men and women.


Laser and IPL are now well known technologies which effectively destroy hair follicles and stunt hair growth. Traditional laser and IPL methods however, can be uncomfortable at best and unbearably painful at worst. Fortunately, there is now a technology which harnesses the science behind both IPL and laser but in a much more comfortable, fast and affordable treatment. SHR by Hair No More, utilises the theory behind IPL and laser by emitting short bursts of energy down in to the hair follicle, eventually destroying the chromophores and preventing further hair growth.


With traditional laser and IPL devices, the energy pulses are high level energy and usually single to two wavelengths. In basic terms, this means that the skin can become extremely hot (up to 72 degrees) and this is when you’ll be flinching in pain. SHR uses low-level energy in super-fast bursts (180 times a minute) which will only heat the skin to around 40 degrees which is only 3 degrees above natural body temperature. As the pulses are fast, so is the treatment and an average half leg treatment can take around 10 minutes, a fraction of the time involved with laser or IPL treatments. This quicker treatment time means that not only is there a time efficiency, but cost is reduced too, with prices starting at just £19!


The multi-wavelength technology with SHR from Hair No More also means that a wider range of skin and hair types can be treated, from dark to very fair skins and even tanned skins, so you can continue your treatment at any time of year! Perfect to get started for the summer ahead! Both men and women can benefit from treatment with Hair No More, so it’s great for everyone!


SHR with Hair No More can treat the following areas:

  • Legs
  • Bikini line and intimate areas
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Hirsutism (a condition which affects mostly Asian women)
  • Chest (men only)
  • Face
  • Stomach


Within around 8 treatments, you’ll notice a permanent reduction in unwanted hair and we recommend a minimum of 6 treatments. You should, over each treatment see around a 30% reduction in your hair growth. Your results will be discussed in a free consultation and test treatment at your local salon.

Why not get super-smooth, sexy skin and renewed confidence this summer? Choose Hair No More, the comfortable, affordable and highly-effective permanent hair reduction treatment.

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