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When is the right time to have laser hair removal with Hair No More?

If you are researching laser hair removal, you may have been advised that the winter months are best for having this treatment. This is because with some traditional laser and IPL devices, the pigment in tanned skin can be affected as opposed to the hair, resulting in potential burning and a super-uncomfortable treatment. With Hair No More, our innovative SHR technology means that deciding on when to have laser hair removal is no longer a concern and you can start having treatments any time of the year!

Hair No More harnesses the efficacy of traditional laser and IPL devices but takes this to a new level. To understand how Hair No More is a cut above the rest, it’s important to understand how laser hair removal and IPL works. With both methods, targeted beams of light are emitted from a device head which is placed on to the skin. The light reaches down in to the hair follicle and causes the bulb to retard hair growth over a course of sessions (between 8 and 10 on average). With traditional laser and IPL devices, only one or two wavelengths are used at a time and although this light is kept on the skin for a second or two, this can be enough to cause a burning or ‘flicking’ sensation on tanned or darker skins, reaching temperatures of up to 70 degrees which can be extremely uncomfortable.

With Hair No More, we use multi-wavelength technology in super-fast emissions (flashes) on to the skin compared to other devices. The multi-wave technology means that most skin types, even very dark skins can be treated with Hair No More SHR laser hair removal as the temperatures reached on the skin can only reach around 42 degrees (just above our normal body temperature). This makes for a very comfortable, virtually pain free treatment and what’s more, the treatment takes a fraction of the time that traditional IPL and laser treatments can take.

So, what does this mean when it comes to timing your hair removal treatments?

You can also have a Hair No More right up to when you leave to go on holiday (48 hours prior!) and only need to wait 3 days following your holiday to return for another treatment. This means that if you are mid-way through your course of treatment, you won’t have to wait weeks or leave it too long between sessions.

This makes Hair No More a convenient, effective and virtually pain free laser hair removal treatment that you can have all-year-round!

So, forget planning your calendar and having to wait months to begin your journey to smoother, sexier, hair-free skin. Why not start your course of laser hair removal with Hair No More today? And start to see the results in as little as 8 treatments!

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