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Recommend a friend for Hair No More! It’s a win-win!

If you’ve undergone laser hair removal with Hair No More, you’ll know how fast, safe, painless and effective this treatment is for the permanent reduction in unwanted and excess hair. You may have had treatment on a small area or a more extensive one to remove a larger area of hair and are thrilled with the results. The question is, now you have had a treatment with Hair No More laser hair removal, would you be likely to recommend a friend?

You may know someone who struggles with excess or unwanted hair. Perhaps your ‘hairy hubby’ or ‘fuzzy boyfriend’ who might be considering getting smoother on areas such as the back, chest or belly. Perhaps you have an elderly relative who is experiencing some mild facial hair brought on by the ageing process and doesn’t want to spend hours with a magnifying glass plucking away at their stray stragglers and who may want a more dignified treatment in comfortable surroundings with more permanent results!

Then there are those whose lives could be significantly improved with a course of hair removal with Hair No more. Many women suffering with PCOS syndrome or a condition called Hirsutism, which affects mostly Asian women, can experience coarse and thick hair on the face, causing emotional upset and embarrassment. Many women with these conditions find it extremely difficult to manage and in some severe cases, can suffer depression and avoid going out in public. A course of Hair No More could be a Godsend to those who suffer with the symptoms of PCOS and Hirsutism when it comes to permanently reducing unwanted hair. We see many people regain their inner confidence and overall happiness when they experience the fantastic results that can be achieved with this revolutionary, fast and pain-free treatment.

Giving a friend or loved one a simple recommendation for Hair No More could not only eliminate the need for painful waxing, epilating or other traditional laser or IPL methods but could dramatically improve self-esteem, confidence and emotional comfort.

Here at Hair No More, we love to give something back to our loyal, happy clientele, therefore, if you recommend a friend to one of our national Hair No More clinics, we’ll not only give them a 10% discount off their treatment, but you’ll receive 10% off your next treatment too!

For more information on how you can refer a friend, call your Hair No More salon or visit our website at