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Love being smooth this Valentine’s

With February, well and truly underway and with Valentine’s day just around the corner, you might be thinking about how you’re going to impress your loved one this year. Traditional roses, bubbly, a meal out might all be on the cards, but what about getting them something they’ll love far and beyond the romance of Valentine’s day?


Many of us start to look forward to the warmer climes, once January is out of the way and Christmas is just a distant memory; and with warmer weather comes the thought of baring a little more by means of flesh. We’re not quite there yet (it has been known to snow in March!) but getting prepped now for the Spring and Summer could mean a whole lot of embarrassment avoided come the time when you dare to bare!


Unwanted or excess hair can be a nuisance at its best and positively miserable for some, especially in warmer weather, when it’s time to wear less and expose more flesh. The average woman will spend over £12k in her lifetime on hair removal methods and products, and men are becoming far more concerned about losing their unsightly ‘hairy bits’ as trends head more to smooth and sexy as opposed to modern cave man. Hair removal can be, frankly annoying. Expensive, repetitive and sometimes extremely painful; getting a smoother look can seem like a thankless task, as many methods require regular treatments and only offer temporary solutions.


Hair No More is fast-becoming one of the UK’s most popular choice when it comes to device-led hair removal as it offers a pain-free, effective solution with permanent results of up to 90% of all unwanted hair reduced in as little as 8 sessions.


Hair No More utilises SHR technology, which combines traditional laser and IPL technology. However, whereas these traditional methods use single wavelengths of light energy, which can heat the skin to unbearable temperatures, Hair No More uses multi-wavelength fast flashes of light which target the hairs directly and only heats the skin a few degrees higher than body temperature. The technique is different too. Rather than placing the device and offering single ‘bursts’, the device head is glided over the skin whilst the machine does the work. In short, the technology is far superior to traditional devices and the treatment can be used on all skin types, from very light to very dark, is suitable for men and women and because it’s fast, is super-affordable.


If you’re still unsure about SHR, then you can visit one of our many salons in the UK and have a no obligation consultation as well as a free patch test, so you can ‘try before you buy’. You probably won’t get a noticeable result following a small patch test (usually around 30% of the hair will be affected), but you’ll be able to feel the treatment and understand the process, as well as have a chat with your practitioner about your individual requirements and expected results. This means that when the time comes to have a treatment, you’ll be fully knowledgeable and prepared for what’s to come.


Buying your loved one a gift they will remember couldn’t be easier this Valentine’s, as from the 1st to the 28th February if you book 6 leg sessions of Hair No More SHR hair removal, you’ll receive 2 free. This could be all you need for permanently reduced unwanted hair and could mean a saving of up to £198!


So why not give Hair No More a try this February and take advantage of some huge savings? Both you and your partner could be looking smoother, sexier and feeling more confident come Spring!