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Get ready for your little black dress with Hair No More

Christmas is a time for celebration, looking fabulous in that LBD and the odd kiss or two under the mistletoe. But what happens when you’ve got excess or unwanted hair and want to dress up and enjoy the party season, without being self-conscious or having to go through the inconvenience of constantly shaving, waxing or epilating? Hair No More is a pain-free, fast and highly-effective permanent hair reduction treatment which can leave you with softer, smoother skin in time for your friends, office or family Christmas gathering.


Hair No More takes the effective technology of laser and IPL but with a revolutionary ‘upgrade’. Laser and IPL uses specific wavelengths of light which heat up the melanin sack within the hair follicle. Melanin is responsible for our hair and skin pigment. By heating up the melanin sack next to the hair follicle, the hair is destroyed. However, this process can prove painful and risky, as the heat needs to reach around 70 degrees to be effective. This can lead to laser burn. Hair No More uses multi-wavelength technology to gradually and slowly heat the hair itself to around 43 degrees (only a few degrees warmer than body temperature), ensuring that there is no burn, no pain and the hair is destroyed without heating the melanin sack. This also means that unlike laser and IPL, SHR technology with Hair No More can be used on very light to very dark skins.


A course of Hair No More can cost less than a cup of coffee per day and is much faster than a traditional laser or IPL treatments. Therefore, in a course of between 6 and 10 treatments, you can be slinking in to your LBT with smoother skin all over.


Unlike painful waxing, repetitive shaving and laborious plucking or epilation, Hair No More offers permanent reduction of unwanted hair on the face and body and is also suitable for both men and women. Time to dig out the tux guys!


A Hair No More therapist has been trained to our exacting standards and is an expert in this treatment. They will advise you in a no obligation consultation whether you are suitable and will also offer you a free patch test, so you can try it out and be fully-confident before you invest in a course of sessions. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect by means of the procedure and expected results.


Each time you have a session with Hair No More, expect around 30 percent of the hair in your treatment area to be affected (Hair No More is only effective for hair that is in the growth (Anagen) phase and this is around 30 percent in any 2 to 4-week period). Therefore, we advise on a course of at least 6 sessions and on average 8 sessions.


This Christmas, you’ll have better things to think about than waxing, shaving or epilating your excess or unwanted hair and will be able to relax and enjoy your favourite party outfit with permanent hair reduction with Hair No More.


For a free consultation and patch test, contact your local Hair No More salon. After all, smooth, fuzz free skin isn’t just for Christmas!……