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Don’t be a scary hairy Mary this Halloween! – Choose Hair No More

When Halloween approaches and ghosts and ghouls rule the streets, we may not feel like joining in the fun if we suffer with excess or unwanted hair. Areas of fuzz on the face and body can make us feel unattractive and self-conscious and with Halloween just around the corner, we may start to wonder how we can feel less freakish and get rid of excess hair for good.

Petrified for your pocket?

As the average woman spends round £12k in her lifetime on hair removal treatments and products, most of which offer only a temporary solution, meaning that the cycle of hair growth and harvest can last just that, a lifetime!

Hair no more offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair and without the horror of painful waxing, plucking, repetitive shaving and other nasties associated with ridding ourselves of the frizz. Hair no more harnesses the power of effective traditional laser and IPL technologies (but which can prove painful) and have upgraded the technology to make this a pain-free solution and which isn’t so scary to your pocket as most laser and IPL treatments.

Now for the mad scientist bit!

Hair removal using laser or IPL is all based on wavelengths of light. Traditional laser and IPL use single or double wavelength technologies to target the melanin sack within the hair follicle (melanin is responsible for the pigment in our skin and hair), heating this sack to up to 70 degrees and destroying the hair. The fact that such temperatures need to be achieved to make the treatment effective means that laser burn can be quite common and the treatment rather uncomfortable (and slow). The SHR technology in Hair No More offers multi-wavelength bursts of light in quick succession, which gradually heats the hair itself (not the melanin sack) to around 42 degrees (only a few degrees warmer than body temperature) and flashes several hundred times a second. The method used is very different, utilising a slide and glide technique rather than placing a device head on to the skin and waiting for the flash then moving on to the next tiny area. This makes Hair No More pain-free, extremely fast and 90% safer than traditional laser or IPL techniques. It also means that Hair No More can treat light to dark skins without the fear of laser burn.

Monstrously good value!

A treatment with Hair No More is far more accessible and affordable than most laser or IPL treatments and this is because it’s fast. You’re paying for the time that your practitioner spends treating you and the cost of the device. Some laser devices cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and this cost must go somewhere and it’s usually back to you to foot the bill. As Hair No More is highly-affordable to your practitioner and takes a fraction of the time, they can pass those savings on to you and is able to effectively treat more people in one hour than regular IPL or laser. This means that everyone wins! And with a saving of 10% if you purchase a course of treatment for 2 areas, there are more savings to be had! A freakishly good deal!

Not such a scary prospect!

Let’s look at the key facts of Hair No More:

Hair No More offers permanent reduction of unwanted hair on the face and body.
Hair No More is suitable for both men and women.
Hair No More takes traditional IPL and laser technologies but offers multi-wavelength technology to offer a pain-free, fast and effective treatment
Hair No More can be used on all skin types
You can have a free patch test before deciding on a course of Hair No more
Hair No More starts from as little as £19
Hair No More is fast (average treatments needed – 8)

If you want to achieve smoother and sexier skin so you’re not mistaken for a trick or treater this Halloween, contact your nearest Hair No More salon to arrange a no obligation consultation and free patch test!