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An amazing Black Friday offer with Hair No More

November has arrived and that means that Black Friday is on its way! For those who have
been hiding under a rock for the past few years, the Black Friday shopping phenomenon
comes but once a year in the month of November and as a pre-Christmas treat for savvy
shoppers, sweeps the nation with literally thousands of bargains to be had!
Here at Hair No More, we love to get involved in the pre-Christmas festivities to help you
get ready the party season. We have a super offer in store if you want to rid yourself of
unwanted and excess hair painlessly, quickly and effectively, with permanent results!
On the 23 rd November (ONE DAY ONLY), if you book a course of 6 sessions of laser hair
removal with Hair No More, you’ll save 50%! Yes, you read that correctly! 50% off a 6-
session course!

Hair No More utilises the effective technology of laser and IPL hair removal but with an
innovative upgrade. The multi-wavelength Hair No More device targets hairs at various
levels within the skin and is not painful like traditional laser or IPL systems. This is because
Hair No More offers gentle heating of the hair follicle rather than intensively heating the
melanin sack which gives the hair pigment, which can cause laser burn. Therefore, Hair No
More is 90% safer than traditional laser hair removal.

Hair No More is suitable for all skin types, due to its revolutionary technology and efficacy
and can permanently reduce excess or unwanted hair in around 6 to 8 sessions for most
people. It’s important to have a consultation and patch test so that our therapists can
ascertain your individual concern and tailor-make a bespoke treatment just for you. The
patch test will give you the experience of a Hair No More, free of charge, so that you will
know what to expect in a full treatment and expected results.

Our Black Friday offer ends on the 23 rd November, so why not arrange a consultation and
patch test beforehand, so you can save up to 50% on a 6-session course! What’s there to
lose? Apart from your excess or unwanted hair!!!???

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