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7 reasons to have hair removal treatment with Hair No More

The battle to rid ourselves of unwanted and excess hair has been going on for centuries. Plucking, tweezing, waxing, shaving and other traditional hair removal methods can prove tiresome, messy, painful and most of the time are only temporary solutions. The average woman will spend around £12,000 in her lifetime on different hair removal methods. So, is there a simpler way?


Hair removal using laser and IPL technologies has become one of the most effective solutions for permanent hair reduction and as technology evolves, no longer needs to be the painful experience it once was. SHR technology – brought to you by Hair No More, is a low energy form of hair removal which is leading the way, with far less discomfort than other laser and IPL methods.


So why should you choose hair removal with Hair No More, over more traditional methods and older laser and IPL technologies?


We have listed 7 reasons as to why Hair No More using SHR technology should be your preferred choice:


1. Permanent results: Multi-wave low energy when applied to the skin, stops the blood supply to the hair and stunts its growth. The treatment permanently limits each follicle’s ability to regrow the hair, leaving the skin silky smooth to the touch.


2. Safer hair removal: The surrounding skin and tissue is left unaffected making hair removal a completely safe procedure.


3. Fast results: With latest SHR technology, results that can be achieved in a very short time period, around 8 to 10 treatments. As the short bursts of light are emitted in faster flashes, as single treatment can take only 10 minutes.


4. Minimal discomfort: Unlike painful waxing or electrolysis, laser and IPL hair removal offers minimal discomfort and no downtime. You may feel a slight warming sensation as the laser treats the hair, but this is not painful. As Hair No More uses SHR technology and a cooling system on the skin, this will be far less uncomfortable than some traditional laser or IPL treatments.


5. Access all (H)areas: Hair No More is safe for all areas of the face and body and can treat excess hair conditions such as hirsutism.


6. Effective on all skin types: A hair no more treatment can be used on all skin types due to its low energy SHR technology. A treatment can even be performed on fair, dark and even tanned skins and is suitable for both men and women


7. Reputable salons: Hair No More is only available in the most reputable and specialist salons. All therapists are trained to the highest standards, making Hair No More a safe and effective treatment you can trust.


If you’re looking to undergo a course of SHR hair removal with proven results and would like a free consultation and test treatment. Contact us to find your nearest salon and take your first step to enjoy smoother and sexier skin.